Hard Floor Care Tips

Hard floor care is easy when using the right floor protection. An industrial floor finish can keep your floors looking shiny and new and with very little maintenance. Kids, pets, and furniture will wear out a floor if it's not properly maintained. Please read on to learn how to care for your hard floors and how to protect them from ...

Industrial Floor Restorer

A significant advancement in the floor care market has been made with the introduction of this Industrial Renewing Floor Restorer & Finish. This product fills scratches so they are unnoticeable and rejuvenates dull spots by giving these areas the same shine as the rest of your restored floor. Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) listed as to slip resistance. Protect your hard floors from detergents, black heel marks, spills, kids, pets, and furniture. Contains no wax, so there is no wax yellowing or wax buildup. Seal your floor and protect it with a clear brilliant finish that lasts for months at a time -- what a time and money saver.

Cabinet Renew & Restorer

This unique wax-free formula lets you choose the amount of shine you want for your cabinets and paneling. Apply one coat for a natural and protective shine or add a second coat for a more brilliant shine and additional protection. When two coats are applied, this product will last approximately one year and will help reduce wear. Protect your cabinets from stains, fingerprints and dust accumulation. Easy wipe on, no buff application. Perfect for finished oak, cherry, hickory, birch, maple, pine, wood laminates and more. Make your cabinets and paneling look gorgeous instantly. Excellent for boats, RV's and mobile homes.

Shining Hard Floors

shining hard floors